how to join
the requirements to join celeb are fairly simple, all we're looking for is:
  • a username that is any variation of the name of the celebrity you're choosing to play
  • an icon of the celebrity uploaded
  • both a friends only post and a screened post (you can friends lock these once you've been added!)
  • examples consisting of at least two entries - scene examples are optional

    wire and telegram messengers are not mandatory but are encouraged in order to form stronger bonds with other members. please do not hide your userinfo with noembed as we will need to verify your friends list and journal are being updated. if your friends list is hidden when applying we will reject you and if you hide your userinfo after joining it is grounds for an override.
  • your chosen celebrity must be 18 years of age or older if you plan to apply as them. non-traditional celebrities will be accepted as long as they are signed with a modeling agency, or have an imdb page or wikipedia page.

    important: upon applying please make sure anons are disabled in your comment settings. once you have been accepted into the community, we encourage you to change your comment settings so that only members of the community can comment you!

     how to intro
    we do intros a little different here:
    instead of posting a typical intro, you may make an entry in either musical or gab within a week of joining! if you fail to post within the week, you will be removed. if your intro meets the requirements, it will count as your first post toward earning an opt out.

     how to stay active
    updates are required every 3 weeks and we have a few ways you can update:
  • a written update of your choosing, consisting of at least 200 words (hover text and questions do count towards the minimum word count), comments must be enabled and are not allowed to be screened for any reason whatsoever
  • an opt out - these are earned when you post in musical or gab two to three times within the three weeks between your updates. to meet the requirements, all initial comments must be answered in at least one of these posts, and at least half of the comments must be answered in the others. opt outs may be used twice in a row and comments can be disabled on these posts!
    note: posts advertising group activites do not count towards an opt out.
  • update passes - update passes are earned by accumulating points. after reaching 100 points, you will be rewarded 1 update pass. to see how the point system works, please head over to the points journal!
    note: we do not allow comments to be disabled on any passes, including birthday passes!
  • themed update topic - a bi-monthly themed update topic will be posted with every set of adds. you may post a movie list, playlist, or written update pertaining to the chosen theme! if your update follows the chosen theme, you are not required to meet any sort of word count.
    note: be mindful of others! keep any excessive images/gifs behind a cut or at a reasonable size (i.e. under 300x300)

  • in addition to updating your journal, we will also require members to show us other forms of activity to avoid removal or being overridden. these include:
  • an updated friends list, at least once every 2 weeks
  • at least half of the comments responded to on your most recent update
  • friends page activity in the form of posting or commenting others
  • wire and telegram are optional, so we do not base your usage of these apps towards your activity. if you have any questions regarding the update or activity rules, please ask us!

     if you're removed
    there are a few different reasons a member can be removed:
    if you fail to update on time and are removed, you may reapply but after three consecutive removals for not updating, you will have to wait one month before you can reapply as the same celebrity.

    if you break any of the rules and are removed, you are able to reapply after a one month period unless otherwise specified by a mod at the time of removal. if you rejoin and break the rules a second time, you will be removed and temporarily banned from rejoining as the same celebrity for six months, again, unless otherwise specified by a mod at the time of removal.
    please know that if you are proven to be harassing a member severely or causing issues that violate the rules to an extreme, ic or ooc, you may be permanently banned without warning, even on the first offense.

     how hiatuses & extensions work
  • extensions are granted up to 7 days from your original due date, anything past that would be a hiatus request. extensions are granted based on your activity, meaning if we haven't seen any activity from you within the past 3 weeks before your update, we will not grant your extension.
  • hiatuses will be granted up to one month, unless there are extenuating circumstances. if we feel that the hiatus system is being abused, we reserve the right to deny your request for one.

    since the community is so large, if we aren't sure of your activity we will ask you to provide us with proof before we grant your request. please do not take this personal, sometimes it is hard for us to keep track of everyone. while on hiatus, you should not be showing any signs of activity otherwise you could become eligible for override.

  •  how to override
    before applying to override, please make sure you verify with us via the dropbox to make sure the person is actually available to override. people may appear to be inactive, but may also be on hiatus, on an extension, or have communicated with us in regards to their activity. again, since wire and telegram are optional and we do not judge activity based on them, we will only base activity on the friends page.

    how to tell if someone may be up for override:
  • their friends list is outdated by 2 weeks or more
  • at least half of the comments are unanswered on their last update or intro
  • they haven't shown any friends page activity, posting or commenting others
  • note: members have one week to respond to comments on any post they make. the deadline for updates and intros is 8pm EST on the date they are due, unless they request an extension then the deadline is 11:59pm EST.

    before approving an override, we will look at the overall activity of the member in question before the deadline. if someone applies to override you and it was approved by us, showing activity afterwards will not negate the override, however you may apply as a challenge to try and keep your role just keep in mind that your acceptance is not guaranteed.

    if you have a question about overrides, please let us know!

     how to report issues
  • ic drama will not be moderated by us, and should be handled ic. if you have issues with someone and need to ban them from your journal, please drop us a note to let us know and go ahead and do so. you are not required to interact with anyone ic therefore the option to block and ignore anyone you have ic issues with, that cannot be resolved, should be your go to solution.
  • blurring or outting other members is a removable offense, any proof provided of someone blurring our outting another member will be removed immediately
  • we ask that any post containing details about a triggering subject be labeled with the appropriate trigger warning. please do not report someone for posting a picture of someone who has passed away or someone advocating for a movement or cause that would be realistic to their celebrity bringing awareness to these subjects.
  • any member proven to be breaking any tos, hacking, doxxing, etc. will be removed immediately.

    we have a no tolerance policy for the harassment of our members. we want to provide a safe environment for everyone to interact and have fun, so if you are being harassed by another member do not hesitate to contact us in our dropbox or by pm. you must contact us with your member journal and not an anonymous one. once we've reviewed the situation, we will make a decision on whether or not there is any action we can take to resolve the issue. if you're not sure whether something is harassment but someone is doing something that makes you uncomfortable, or if you need help with anything, we are always here to do our best to help you!

    if you're being bothered by anonymous commenters in your journal, go to your comment settings and enable commenting from registered users only.

  •  misc
    we as mods would like to be as transparent as we can with our members. we will not be around much during non-add days (tuesday, thursday, saturday, and sunday) unless there is an important question or something that needs to be replied to right away. for example: an extension that we need activity shown before approval, a mod will be around at some point in the day to respond. if you put in for an extension or hiatus and we haven't replied, don't panic! it will be granted the next add day and you will not be overridden.